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About Us

Parents Plus teaches parents of preschool children with language delays how to help their children improve their language skills, for free and online.

The program takes approximately 15 weeks and has 3 main parts:


Parents learn strategies to help their children through sessions on an app.  Parents can do these sessions at any time or place that is convenient for them.


Parents then use these strategies with their children during routines that are good for their family. 


All throughout, parents have the support of a Parents Plus coach who can helps parents use the languages strategies.  Parents will meet with their coach over Zoom at times that work for them.

Is Parents Plus a Match for My Family?

We know parents are busy! So we want to be sure Parents Plus is a good match for your child and family. Our team will work with you to determine whether the program is a good fit.   


Parents Plus is a match for:

  • Preschool-age children ages 3-5 years old with language delays.

    • They may be receiving speech and language services already but do not have to be.

  • Children should speak in at least 2 word sentences on their own.

  • Children's speech should be understandable by most adults

  • Families should speak primarily English in the home (Parents Plus is currently only available in English) 

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