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Parents Plus

Language Coach

Does your preschool-age 
child have a language delay? 

Parents Plus can help! 

What is Parents Plus?

 Parents Plus is a free online program that teaches parents how to improve their preschool-aged children's language skills. Parents easily learn information through an app and are partnered with a coach that helps them guide their child through an individualized program from the comfort of their own home.

If you are interested in trying Parents Plus, join our research study!

Benefits of participating in this study include:

  • Learning ways to help your child's language development

  • Receiving incentives, such as an iPad or $300

  • Contributing to the development of effective programs that can help other children

How does it work?


Fill out the form below to demonstrate your interest in Parents Plus.

Language Activities

We will  do some activities with your child to see if Parents Plus is a good fit. See our "What is Parents Plus?" tab for more information on who Parents Plus is designed for.


We will let you know if Parents Plus is a good match for your child. If so, we will invite you to participate in the study.


Get Started!

Get the chance to use this program for free.

If you live near in Pennsylvania near the Lehigh Valley area or Philadelphia or in the New York City area and would like to learn more about participating in the Parents Plus program, please reach out to our team by using the button below.  

Our Partners


Lehigh University College of Education

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